Below are listed the services which allow to browse the result of the simulations and obtain on the fly results from the simulations. The Cosmo Web Portal is the current protal, where the Magneticum Pathfinder simulation set is made public. Users can use the public browsing or register for the compleate services on the webpage. The other services are previous prototypes using older simulation data. Some of these old services are restricted to registered users only. Please contact Gerard Lemson (lemson@mpa-garching.mpg.de) to obtain a user id.

Cosmological Web Portal

Explore the Simulations

With the Cosmological Web Portal you can create virtual Observations of galaxy clusters from the Magneticum Pathfinder simulations. To find galaxy clusters you can query their properties and download or vizualise the obtained results for galaxy cluster properties with the ClusterFind service. The PHOX service allows you to create your own, virtual mock X-ray observation for various instruments, including future missions like eROSITA or the different instruments planned for Athena. In addition, you can produce various quantities like idealized X-ray, temperature, SZ maps from the clusters using the SMAC service. Finally you can use the SimCut service to obtain the full, raw simulation data of a cluster. Use the public browsing for exploration or register for the complete services directly on the site.
Read more about in the web Portal Article

Previous Prototypes (partically outdated)

Online Halo Cataloges

Halo Database

You can query our halo data-base to explore the substructure within the zoomed cluster simulations. Some examples are provided to show how to build sub-halo mass functions as well as how to trace individual substructures during the evolution of clusters. Having simulations with different levels of baryonic physics included in the data base, this allows, for example, a one by one comparison, how the properties of such substructures change in the presence of additional physical processes in the simulations. See Dolag et al. 2009, MNRAS 399, 497 for details on the substructure identification.

General map making

Make Your Own Maps

You can create your own maps from the cluster simulations using our map making tool Smac. It allows you to produce various quantities (like X-Ray, temperature, SZ maps) from the cluster simulations. This service will allow you actually to run a program on our server, therefore please send your name and your institution to Gerard Lemson (lemson@mpa-garching.mpg.de) to obtain a user id to be able to access this service.

Virtual Observatories

PHOX JobRunner

Here you can use PHOX to extract virtual X-ray observations of a cosmological hydro simulation. See Biffi et al. 2012a and Biffi et al. 2012b for details on the code. This service is currently a prototype and more simulations will be made available for virtual observation with time. This service actually executes unit_2 on our server, therefore, if you do not have a galformod account yet, please send your name and your institution to Gerard Lemson (lemson@mpa-garching.mpg.de) to obtain a access to the galformed portal.